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Market and Communications Research Inc.

Leverage is the key to achieving the greatest return on your communications investment. Often, successful campaigns do not need to win over an entire population, but only those segments that shape, lead or sway opinion.

We have a proven ability to help our clients identify the segments of their audience that can do the most to help them reach their goals. Using research strategically - not simply asking questions - we can identify smaller, more manageable groups within your target audience and help you achieve greater impact, in less time, with a smaller investment. Whether you are interested in collecting opinions, or creating or changing them, you can learn what you need to know to apply your resources effectively.

We were facing a tough campaign on a ballot question in Connecticut so we turned to Market and Communications Research to help us understand the public mood. More than just providing a snapshot, they studied the surrounding issues to learn what was contributing to those views. As a result, we learned where we stood, and were able to craft a comprehensive communications strategy.

Dean M. Kueter, Jr.
Director of Government Affairs
National Sheriffs' Association

Many people think the hard work in conducting a survey is the statistical analysis that comes once the data is collected. While this may have once been the case, computer software has greatly reduced the difficulty.

With a public growing more sophisticated and wary of opinion research, the modern challenge is in crafting questionnaires that accurately measure the public view. Data analysis can be run and rerun, but a questionnaire can never be redone.

In addition, MarCom Research offers the following:

Extensive Analysis. MarCom Research does much more than generate a stack of tables. The reports offer a comprehensive analysis of the findings and explore practical implications.

Instructive Charts. MarCom Research prepares useful charts to help illuminate the findings and vividly display patterns in the data.

Geographical Segmentation. If needed, opinions can be tabulated geographically (e.g., state, county, zip code), with accompanying maps that are color-coded to show jurisdictional distributions of opinions.

Rapid Turnaround. While some firms often take two months to conduct and complete survey projects, MarCom Research takes no more than three weeks from the start of interviewing until the final report is in your hands.

Overnight Surveys. When the results are urgently needed, MarCom Research can have the findings on your desk before noon the next day.

Effective Questionnaires. MarCom Research crafts succinct, crisp questionnaires and avoids the common mistake of using lengthy, bothersome instruments.