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Market and Communications Research Inc.

  • How is my organization (and its competition) portrayed by the media?
  • What's being said on issues of importance?
  • Which journalists are most interested in our story?
  • Is my public relations company providing value?

Our media analyses can help you answer these questions. Conducted by trained in-house researchers, our thorough studies help benchmark current opinions, track changes, increase favorable coverage, and identify the journalists who are most involved with your areas of interest. Organizations also use our analyses to assess the effectiveness of their public relations efforts and develop new campaigns.

The timely, thorough analysis by Market and Communications Research allowed us to continually fine tune our messages and our personal outreach, and greatly enhanced the strength of our communications and the quality of our relationships with key reporters. Market and Communications Research went well beyond the standard media analysis to provide research with depth and meaning that supported – and helped achieve – our strategic objectives.

Scarlett Foster
Director, Investor Relations,
Monsanto Company

Here are some of the services MarCom Research can provide your organization:

Same Day/Overnight Analysis.
In emergency situations, MarCom Research can analyze nationwide coverage of a breaking story on the same day or on the day after the story first appears. This research is typically based on thirty leading newspapers and television network news programs.

Ongoing Analysis.
Depending on scope and need, reports may be prepared on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual basis. This systematic research can track coverage of your company, organization, products, or competitors. These studies can also focus on special issues, such as your environmental or financial coverage, and monitor how frequently your key messages appear.

Retrospective Analysis.
Special circumstances may dictate a retrospective analysis of media coverage. Using archives of the Library of Congress, various state university archives, and electronic retrieval services, many mid-size and smaller newspapers can be added to the research.