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Market and Communications Research Inc.

Sometimes the best thoughts and comments come from a discussion with your audience—yielding answers to questions you'd never think to ask. Our qualitative research services, including focus groups, brings the voices of key audiences directly to you and provide fresh insights into their thinking. You can get a "real world" reaction to your new project, website, publication, program or position, before it is introduced to a wider audience. Learning this can help you avoid costly missteps, make value-adding refinements, and move ahead with confidence.
GoodLife TV Network is a cable network with a target demographic of post-49 Americans. We wanted to test several of our original programs with Baby Boomers in as natural a setting as possible. Market and Communications Research developed a methodology to suit our needs. As a result, we got the diagnostic feedback we needed and our Board of Directors was better able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each program.

Squire Rushnell
President & CEO
GoodLife TV Network

Message-testing Focus Groups.
Market and Communications Research conducts focus groups that are exceptionally well suited for message testing. These focus groups tell you which messages work, which ones hurt, and which ones waste time.

The utility of this approach is unmistakable: Some messages are too complex or subtle to be persuasive. Other messages may prove to be extraordinarily powerful to your target audience.

Insights from the focus groups show you how best to refine your major press release, polish your important speech, prepare your spokespersons for optimal sound bites, and/or identify your best key messages for other forthcoming communications.

Customer Focus Groups.
MarCom Research focus groups are extremely effective vehicles for discovering ways to strengthen customer satisfaction and to appeal to new customers. Findings from these groups can offer you practical guidance on future directions and reveal concrete ways to reinforce customer loyalty. As an independent and objective "third party," MarCom Research can secure candid feedback regarding the strengths and the weaknesses of your company in the eyes of customers.

Considerable finesse and skills are required to prepare, conduct, and assess productive focus groups. MarCom Research specializes in focus groups that are:

  • designed and directed by respected scholars such as Bill Adams, Ph.D. and Debra Dean, Ph.D.;
  • thoroughly explored and evaluated by a team of researchers who jointly assess the results; and
  • promptly and effectively summarized in a well-organized, thorough, and strongly analytical report that stresses the practical implications of the focus group findings.